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illustrating the industry of prescribed burning within natural areas


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Prescribed burning implemented at April 2019 on the area of 100 hectares in the forest of Worimi Conservation Lands near the Fern Bay (New South Wales, Australia). source

The burning produces a cloud of smoke similar to the bomb explosion. The source says nothing about the causes of burning, except that it is “100-hectare hazard reduction burn”. Apparently, this is a type of burning, which is carried out for regular removal of the “fuel load” (plant litter and grass cover).



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Prescribed burning implemented in dunes near the Ocean in the National park of the Florida State (USA).source

Even scientific experts of prescribed burning practice criticized these actions as unwise measures. The dunes have been recovering for decades after the fire. What were the arguments for burning of dunes inside the national park? (i.e. protected natural area, which should be safe from any human influence!). How many years the wildlife of dunes will recover after this fire? We failed get answer to these questions in “South Florida Interagency Fire Management Council” facebook group (where this photo was put on the background), and in the “Association of Fire Management Activists” facebook group (where this photo was shared). But the comments of two practitioners of prescribed burning under this photo are very typical. They like it. They do not know the answer to these questions, they do not need it. The most important – that the fire is looking well! We put this dialogue below.

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Comments of two apologists of prescribed burning under the photo of intensive burning the dunes of a national park in Florida.source



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Prescribed burning in the forest area of Florida state, USA. source

Prescribed burning is implemented inside the forest, covering shrubs, grass cover and plant litter. The source gives the answers of Florida Forest Service spokeswoman and Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Judi Tear about justification of prescribed burning which is very typical for apologists of this practice. Below you can find the citation from the text of the article and our comments.

1.“Prescribed fires are really an economical way to manage lands….Without the flames wiping forest floors clean, not only will the wildfire threat be increased, but new grasses won’t be spurred to grow.”

WE: According to the people who implemented the burning, how did the grass grow in this forest before the arrival of the first people with torches and matches? They do not ask themselves this question, as well as other difficult questions about the consequences of what they are doing. The main thing for them - faith in these words: “Prescribed fires are really an economical way to manage lands”.

2.“These tracts are split into sections, which forestry monitors for debris buildup or a lack of plant life for the ground-feeding quails, turkeys or tortoises to survive on. If it gets too thick or bushy ... they can’t eat, Tear said. We plan ahead of time throughout the year when managing lands to burn”

WE: The answer shows concern for 3 species (or 3 groups) of animals and total disregard for the impact of burning on the other plant and animal species of forest ecosystem. Unjustified confidence that without burning these three species will not be able to eat is shown.

3.“Once a prescribed or controlled burn is needed, forestry “writes a prescription” that outlines its plan for the manmade fire.”

WE: This response shows a clear confirmation of the fact that prescribed burning is implemented very often and natural intervals of wildfires are not taken into account. The frequency of burning is determined by the officials of the forest service, based on the amount of accumulated “fuel” in the ecosystem.

4.“Tear said animals living in the path of these fires are safe and know to migrate beyond the firebreak or burrow underneath, out of reach from the low-temperature burn.”

WE: Whether the author of these words (wildfire Mitigation Specialist Judi Tear) knows about existence of animals of small and tiny size in forest ecosystem for which it is unreal to escape from the burning territory even in some square meters? These are reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and birds, all invertebrates. Who should die from such burning on 100% of their quantity. Due to regular frequent burning the most of small species should have disappeared from the forest ecosystem a long time ago!.

5. “We appreciate everybody’s support of our program, Tear said. We just want people to understand there’s true benefit to prescribed fires”.

WE: Only a series of erroneous pseudo-scientific statements are visible in the justification of prescribed burning given in this article, not the benefits.



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Prescribed burning in a forest area of Texas state, USA in 2022.source

The burning is implemented inside the forest (not on the edge of the forest). The grass cover, shrubs, plant litter are in strong fire.


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