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Organizations and Communities Fighting Prescribed Burning




Once A Forest Environmental Group

«Prescribed burning and thinning methods can actually cause deforestation in environments suffering under severe drought conditions, where burned and clearcut forests are unlikely to regrow. Prescribed burns also adversely affect biodiversity. Forestry practices are based on agriculture (thinning to increase growth and improve timber yield) and are thus fundamentally in conflict with natural selection. Read below for more information and to see our sources»

Arizona Citizen activist website

«The United State Forest Service has convinced some people that prescribed burns and managed wildfires are safe methods of maintaining forest health when they are actually two of the deadliest acts known to mankind»


The Forest Advocate website

The Forest Advocate publishes news and resources for the protection of the Santa Fe National Forest and all southwestern forests of USA from prescribed burning and logging


Santa Fe Forest Coalition website

A citizen coalition united in calling for a comprehensive environmental impact study prior to any tree cutting and prescribed burning on forested public lands above Santa Fe, state of New Mexico, USA.


Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics website

« Think the Forest Service is serving the interests of forests and making ethical, rather than political decisions? Think again.».. Our mission is to protect national forests and to reform the U.S. Forest Service by advocating environmental ethics, educating citizens, and defending whistleblowers. FSEEE is made up of thousands of concerned citizens, present, former, and retired Forest Service employees, other government resource managers, and activists working to change the Forest Service’s basic land management philosophy.


California Chaparral Institute website

The institute makes reasonable arguments against the practice of prescribed burning that are consistent with the position of the “Stop the Harmful Forms of Prescribed Burnings!” campaign.



Facebook Groups


Prescribed Burning Watch

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The open facebook group devoted to the development of the “Stop the Harmful Forms of Prescribed Burnings!” public international campaign.


Tree Hugger Santa Fe

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Tree Hugger Santa Fe is a group of people living in harmony with the forest in the unique, determined landscape of the desert highlands of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

«The United States Forest Service plan is to remove to 90% of the trees from Tesuque to Glorieta, reintroduce periodic low-intensity fire, and return the forest to the landscape it supposedly once was which is questioned by several ecologists. In the new era of climate disruption, there’s a good chance wildfire will destroy our forest; but, it’s still just a chance. If we let the Forest Service coalition decide, it’s a sure thing. This group is designed for those of us in Santa Fe who are against this forest clearing and burn program to discuss what we know collectively and insist the FS conduct a proper EIS before more damage is done to our forest».


Once A Forest

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Facebook group of the environmental organization “Once A Forest”, which website is considered above.


BIG - Burning Issues

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The Burning Issues Group (BIG) was established to share information regarding the environmental and health hazards of the prescribed burning industry.


Keep It Wild - Linville Gorge

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The description of this group can be found here



Recourses of data about prescribed burning problem


Recourses. Files and links supporting healthy forests collected by ‘Once A Forest’

Below we listed sections of the Recourses. Files and links supporting healthy forests. division of the of the “Once a Forest” website, which contain articles considered the prescribed burning problem in the USA. Some of the articles have also material against thinning plans of the public forests (i.e. the desire of the government agencies to significantly reduce, up to 95%, the number of trees in the public forests of the USA). The forest thinning plans are often considered by the North American environmental activists together with the problem of forest burning, because both measures lead to forest degradation and destruction. The both plans are lobbied primarily by the United States Forest Service and the United States National Park Service. They do it, probably, because prescribed burning and thinning activities bring a high income due to government funding and the sale of wood.


Tree density, Forest "Management", and The Case Against "Thinning" and Burning

  • Myths and Facts about Prescribed Burns: Compiled by Once a Forest, with supporting sources. go to the article

  • Common Myths about Forests and Fire. (The John Muir Project, 2019) go to the article An excellent recently published primer, well documented with scientific sources.

  • Experts Question Aspects of Prescribed Burning (Science Daily News, 2011)go to the article «Prescribed burning - may do more harm than good»

  • Dead trees aren't a wildfire threat, but overlogging them will ruin our forest ecosystems(Los Angeles Times, 2016) go to the article «Ignorance and shameless economic opportunism will destroy our forest ecosystems if we are not careful»

  • Living with Fire: The USGS Southern California Wildfire Risk Project .go to the article Price et al, 2012 In a first of its kind research, the USGS has determined that the prescribed burns used extensively for 30 years in central and coastal California had 0% effectiveness in preventing wildfires. Some other conclusions of the study: Prescribed burns and previous wildfires do not stop catastrophic fires in times of global warming and drought when they are most likely to occur.The same area will have to burn repeatedly (2-3 times everu 9 years) on an forever basis o remove all "fuel". Wildfire occurs randomly, at any given point 2-3% of the forest may be subjected to prescribed burning, chances are very low that an area will possibly be in a state in which it will reduce the effects of wildfire. Prescribed burns can cause their own catastrophic fires - One recent example is the escaped prescribed burn in the Croatan National Forest in which the USFS planned to burn 1,500 acres, and instead created a catastrophic 21,000 acre 6 week wildfire..


Humans and Global Warming — Not "Overgrown" Forests — are the Cause of Forest Fires

The Role of Forests in Mitigating Global Warming

Inaccuracies in Forest Service Reconstructions of Fire History

The Forest Service and entities that profit from clearcutting and prescribed burning would have us believe that low severity fires were historically more common, and that high severity fires were rare, even though the methods used to draw these conclusions have been thoroughly discredited. They use these erroneous claims to justify burning and logging as "forest restoration".

The Increasing Scale of Forest Service Burns and the Forest Service Plan to Destroy 95% of Trees on Public Lands

Health Risks of Prescribed Burns

This division contains various sources considered problem of strong chemical pollution of the environment by prescribed burning operations and harm this to people health in the USA.

Forest Service use of Toxic Herbicides to "Restore" Forests

The Fire Industrial Complex

Prescribed Burns Out of Control

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